ALAN Picks

ALAN Picks The new ALAN Picks is seeking book reviews that include a pedagogical analysis of the latest young adult and middle grades books, culturally relevant teaching strategies and ideas for student engagement with YA texts in the middle, secondary and university classroom and library communities and. On this page, you’ll find information on review … Read more ALAN Picks

ALAN Picks April 2017

ALAN Picks April 2017 Camp So-and-So by Mary McCoyCarolrhoda Lab, 2017, 413pp, $18.99Suspense/Supernatural/Friends/Camping/Fiction As this story opens, invitations to Camp So-and-So have been delivered to 25 teen girls. All of them accept. When they arrive at this camp all is not as it has been advertised. Indeed, it becomes immediately apparent that there is something … Read more ALAN Picks April 2017

ALAN Picks August 2019

ALAN Picks August 2019 Greetings YA lovers! I trust everyone had a restful summer. I hope you enjoy our first installment of YA reviews for the 2019-2020 school year. Bryan Gillis, Editor  Past Perfect Life by Elizabeth EulbergBloomsbury Publishing, 2019, 336 pp., $18.99ISBN:  978-1-5476-0092-2Family Relationships/Kidnapping/Identity When our phones light up with amber alerts, our hearts … Read more ALAN Picks August 2019