State Representatives


The main goal of the ALAN State Representatives is to increase membership in the organization. Representatives are expected to promote ALAN and act as a liaison between ALAN and the NCTE state affiliate groups. Ideally, state representatives will be a balance of classroom teachers, university professors, and librarians. The number of representatives per state may vary depending on the size of the state. ALAN State Representatives are overseen by the ALAN Membership Secretary and work in conjunction with the Public Relations Committee to create publicity materials.


ALAN member familiar enough with the organization to answer basic questions about membership.

Preference will be given to those who have attended at least one ALAN Workshop and are able to speak to that experience.


ALAN State Representatives will serve a two-year term beginning in September. Whenever possible, terms will be staggered. Terms are renewable based upon past performance and the number of new applicants. At the close of each year, a certificate of service will be provided to each ALAN State Representative.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Respond to communication from the ALAN Membership secretary in a timely manner
  • Attempt to recruit 10 new members per year
  • Promote ALAN within your state
  • Communicate with other representatives from your state to develop an action plan
  • Maintain contact with your NCTE state affiliate
  • Provide membership forms and brochures for you state’s convention(s)
  • Use your own professional resources to reach out to other groups within your state to promote ALAN. These may include, but are not limited to:
    • State library associations:
      • American Association of School Librarians state affiliates
      • American Library Association state and regional chapters (See this list for details)
    • State reading associations:
      • International Literacy Association Councils (See this list for details)
    • Universities
    • Local K-12 schools
  • Sign up to work at least 1 shift at the signing lines, staging area, or as timekeeper IF attending the annual ALAN Workshop
  • Sign up to work at least 1 shift at the ALAN Booth in the Exhibit Hall IF attending the NCTE Annual Convention