The highlight of each year is the annual ALAN Workshop. At this gathering, you’ll meet with colleagues from across the country, receive copies of some of the best and most popular young adult titles, and get to hear from a host of young adult authors. The workshop is held each year in conjunction with the NCTE Annual Convention. Registration is handled through NCTE’s website. Click here to view images from last year’s virtual conference.

“Come Together: Using YAL to Rise, Overcome, and Forge Ahead Together”

ALAN Workshop

Anaheim, CA, November 21-22, 2022

The past several years have challenged us all in myriad ways. We were pushed to our limits, and then our limits were stretched and redefined even further. For so many, this has been a time of deep loss, unnerving isolation, and painful separation from our loved ones, colleagues, and students. As we think about coming together as an ALAN family in 2022, the focus will be on the power of unity and togetherness. 

There is magic that happens when characters in YAL come together to form unexpected friendships and unite to beat the odds stacked against them. There is beauty in YA authors collaborating to write stories that speak to young people who aren’t used to seeing themselves in the pages of a book.  And there is hope in educators and librarians forming partnerships and communities centered on the ways in which they use YAL with the adolescents in their care. 

The theme for the 2022 workshop is “Come Together: Using YAL to Rise, Overcome, and Forge Ahead Together.”  We will feature authors and presenters who focus on and celebrate the power of individuals uniting with a shared love for young adult literature and its potential for transformation. We want participants to think about how they might harness this power to rise against oppressive forces, and in doing so, inspire opportunities for advocacy, support, and deeper connection with and among adolescents.